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Blumer Lehmann AG Is One Of The Leading Timber Construction Companies.

Timber and timber developments in the entirety of their assorted variety

We offer you broad mastery in timber development: from the sawmill to timber and storehouse development through to pellet and vitality creation. Our affection for wood as a material is the thing that separates us. Our energy for spearheading thoughts is the thing that drives us forward. What’s more, we have the boldness to cause dreams to become reality. Be motivated by the captivating universe of wood. From us, you can anticipate items, structures and arrangements that will astound and prevail upon you.

Three specific timber organizations

Our organizations join their various subject matters with wood under one shared rooftop as the Lehmann Group. The organizations are home to more than 300 representatives who appreciate an open, family-like culture, liberated from formality.

Blumer-Lehmann AG Timber development

Blumer-Lehmann AG is one of the main timber development organizations in Switzerland. In participation with globally eminent design firms, we bring spearheading, Free Form timber structures to life around the world. Moreover, we are experts in secluded developments and impermanent structures. We structure and develop structures for all reasons. We remodel and renovate. Local, across Switzerland, all through the world.

The most youthful auxiliary Blumer-Lehmann SARL in Luxembourg is profoundly dedicated to spearheading and asset preserving private development. The overseeing executive Frank Stolz, who officially worked in Switzerland as a designer for Blumer-Lehmann AG, knows our organization back to front as well as acquainted with the Luxembourg advertise.

As an organization that specialists and develops structures made of steel, we see increasingly more interest for this material as a supporting structure as well as a component of plan.

We foresee that probably the most sweltering pattern in design in coming years will be an utilization of steel that will join the quality and wellbeing with a urbanistic feel of North American urban communities. An incredible model is Wood wards Building in Vancouver, BC – an interesting undertaking that was intensely adorned with metal.

Lehmann Holzwerk AG Timber, pellets, vitality

In its own sawmill, Lehmann Holzwerk AG every year forms around 125,000 m3 of logs from the woodlands inside a span of around 100 kilometers around Erlenhof. We utilize this wood to make a wide scope of timber items. We process the leftover timber into pellets and briquettes or use it as fuel in our wood power plant to produce warmth and vitality. Lehmann Holzwerk AG is the core of our maintainable timber life cycle.

BL Silobau AG Silo and framework development

BL Silobau AG offers total answers for winter street administrations. With over 30 years of experience and more than 1,000 acknowledged undertakings, the organization joins aptitude and custom for storehouse and framework development. Together with our German backup Blumer-Lehmann GmbH, we create individual complete arrangements from low-volume storehouses to completely mechanized winter administration warehouses all through Europe. We prompt, draw up, structure and introduce frameworks everything being equal. What’s more, there’s additional: we revamp and modernize existing frameworks and furthermore take on the adjusting and support.